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Introdotto il 19 settembre 2014, questo iPhone con schermo da 4,7" è la versione più piccola dell'iPhone 6 Plus. Identificato dai numeri modello A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Why Is My Phone Stuck on Boot Loop After Liquid Damage?

Hi, first of all I would like to say I'm not looking for simple answers, i.e - hard reset, disconnect / reconnect battery. I would like to know if anyone out there, all be a technical genius could answer my question and give me some pointers. Now I'm no professional at phone repairs but I've done a fair few to understand the basics. I've never done any IC soldering / repair nor can I due to lack of equipment.

Basically, my question is this: Why is my iPhone 6 stuck on a boot loop when plugged into mains power but will not turn on independently via usb to pc or by it's own battery (new battery). The phone I believe has suffered water damage and after inspecting the pcb I noticed a scorch mark on the lower part of the board's shield. I have no idea what IC's to look at or what areas to look at first.

I've noticed that some of those IC's have suffered some damage and I believe maybe some of the board's ceramic caps are missing / damaged. I only have a soldering iron and a conventional multimeter, so any starting point would be good.

Any information regarding that would be great. Thanks.

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ok brandon your phone can bootloop with shorted components but finding the actual component can be difficult if you don't have a dc power supply. i suggest you take a look at the capacitor to the left of the wifi chip even if you knock it of the phone will still work

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Thanks. Do you by any chance know where I can find a diagram / schematic of the iPhone 6 logic board? I don't know where what IC's sit where.


possibly a zxw file type from gsmforum


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