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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Bad charging and Error 4013

Hello :-)

I have an very weird issue on a customers iPad Air 2 Wifi Version.

First of all its not booting, not even the Apple Logo appears.

Second thing is that when I plug it in for charging on my MacBook, nothing happens as well, the screen remains black.

When I plug it in to the 12W iPad Charger, after some minutes on charging, it tries to boot, but the iTunes symbol appears and tells me to restore the device.

When I try so, Error 4013 appears.

Of course I've tried it in DFU Mode ;)

Some research on this lead to a defective NAND chip, but im curious if not maybe the battery could be the issue..

Before I send the device to a technician who's able to swap the NAND chip, I would like to know if somebody here had the same issue and probably a solution that does not require any kind of microsoldering.

Would be happy for any kind of tip.

Thanks and have a wonderful day people :-)

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honestly i would try changing the battery before anything it sounds like it is not getting enough juice . i would also contact apple and see if they can run a diagnostics on it.

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iPad Air 2 Battery


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