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Pixel XL (Modello Numero: G-2PW2100), primo smartphone Android di Google, è stato rilasciato il 20 Ottobre 2016. Ha un display AMOLED da 5,5 pollici, batteria da 3450 mAh, e due configurazioni di memoria ,da 32 o 128 GB.

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Do I need a special mold to laminate the glass to the display panel?

I'm going to be trying my hand at replacing the glass onto a display, but couldn't find any molds specific to Pixel XL.

Can anyone recommend what I should do? I've never laminated a screen before, I know I need UV glue, a UV light and a way to precisely place the screen, anything else?

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I would recommend you stick with the OCA film which does not need a UV light to cure. This is how most are done today.


Thanks for your response. I plan to take the front glass and strip the black bezels off, repaint a different color and then apply that glass to a display. do they make precut oca film for most phones?


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Lamination is a very tricky thing! To do it right you’ll need a special vacuum chamber which has a press inside and the needed fixture to hold the phone & screen: iPhone X glass LCD laminating , iPhone X broken screen repair - YMJ laminating machine otherwise you’ll get little bubbles of air caught in the lamination.

The vacuum chamber removes the air, then the cover glass with the OCA is held off by springs or a rubber base so its not touching until the vacuum is present. The press presses down onto the cover glass pressing in the middle first (slightly) and then outward to squeeze any remaining air outwards until it has fully presses the glass down.

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