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Released in June of 2009, the 1005HA is identified by its "Seashell" design, and is available in many different varieties in regards to operating system, internal storage, and battery size.

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How do I return my graphic object?

I edited my graphic work for a long time in AutoCAD, before the program crashed. I just uploaded my file, made the day before, to the program for further processing, but after a crash in AutoCAD, I now don't see fragments of objects. This is impossible, because I didn't delete it.

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Can you view the file here, using Autodesk's online file viewer? If not, then it's probably corrupt.

• Go into the same folder as the DWG file, and look for the same named file, but with a .BAK file extension (You need to have file extension TURNED ON).

• This is the last save before your last save.

• Then rename that file from BAK to DWG and try that one.

• If that doesn't work, then go into your %temp% folder (in the address bar of Windows Explorer, type in %TEMP% and press enter).

• Sort by date and look for a file name similar to your original file, but with a .SV$ file extension.

• Rename that to .DWG and try it.

• This is your last Autosave file (it may not exist)

• If that does not work, look for the same named file in the %TEMP% folder with a .BAK file extension.

• This will be your next to last autosave file. It may not exist either.

• If it does, rename it to repair autocad file and try to open it.


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