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Launched on November 2014, the HP Stream 13 is a thin unibody Windows® laptop priced to compete with Chromebooks and the entry level MacBook Air.

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Help ASAP! Hard Drive Upgrade Via WifiPort!

Question and I need help!

I have an HP Stream and the hard drive is only 32gb and soldered via EMMC and need to upgrade it! I have the HP Stream 14 series this year I believe!

Now, I saw an existing forum regarding this laptop here: Apertura HP Stream 13 per aggiornare il SSD PCIe

However, I do not get answers and I believe the user that said using MSata hard drives will work won't answer anymore! I am wondering if this has been confirmed working and if anyone has tried it and was successful! I have the wifi card here I took out: and not sure what ssd to buy that will fit the existing port to try out!

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!

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Your WiFi board uses a PCI Express Mini Card interface. So it’s conceivable a a short mSATA board would physically fit. The only risk is if the system would recognize it.

mSATA SSD (mSATA solid-state drive)

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