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30 amp plasma cutter that can cut up to 3/8in mild steel.

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Anyone Have a Miller 375 Plasma Cutter Service Manaul

Anyone have a Service / Tech. Manual or Board Schematic For a Miller 375 X-TREME Plasma? Serial Number Range: LG130001P through LG190233P

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@contract_pilot I wonder if this board is not bing used in other equipment as well. Do you have any identifier etc. on the board itself?

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Just the Miller Name and Part #


this article related to miller plasma cutter might be this will help you alot,


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I have the schematics they are located at the link below.. I have them for 2 different versions the the board..

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Is this what your looking for?

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Sorry, No. That is an Owners Manual and Not Even the Right Model. The Service and/or Technical Manual is for the Repair of the Plasma Contains Schematics Etc.

Once Can get the Owners and Parts Manuals Online but once has to be a Service Center or Know Someone to get the The Service and/or Technical Manual until the model is no longer in production.

This policy has now given me a bad taste about miller they used to be so open on service manuals...


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