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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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I would like to change SSD in my laptop.Can u help me?

I want to change my SSD and I don't understand anything with types of SSD. I have chosen Samsung 970 Evo series 500GB M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 V-NAND TLC. Does it compare?According to different talks,I need some adapters. But which ?

I have MacBook Air 2016 13

Thanks for a help!)

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Let us know how it goes as most of these mSATA card made for PCs do not work reliably in Macs. The ones from OWC, that are specifically made for Apple, do work and the Transcend sticks work:

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I read different reviews and there was said that Samsung cards work normally,fast with MACs


Hey, all I asked you to do is tell us your results so others will make the correct picks.


I did some testing over a year ago and had poor results the adapter & SSD combo had lots of CRC errors which is not good.

I would stick with either the Apple or direct plug in 3rd party drives from either OWC or Transcend.


Which SSD did you have? Have you seen problems with work of OS ?


I’ve used both the OWC & Transcend drives with great success


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I understand you'd like to use Samsung, but it requires a lot of work and adapters inside the computer to make them work. Sometimes just buying the SSD's that work with the Mac are "cheaper" in the long run instead of buying all this stuff that may or may not work for you. Go Here if you'd like more information on how to setup/use the adapters and use Samsung.

To save time, and go the route that woldn't add technology not meant to be inside your Macbook Air, you can click Here to get the OWC Aura Pro X SSD. Make sure you're updated to MacOS 10.13+ before you do all this, to make sure your firmware supports it.

Hope this info helps,



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Thank you. OWC are cheaper than Apple SSD. But Samsung are cheaper then OWC. I will think more time about SSD. THANKS)


No problem, hope you figure out what's best for you.


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You have three choices: Apple (BeetsTech), OWC or Transcend. The BeetsTech has a very good writeup detailing the different SSD’s.

The word SATA gets a bit muddy as it implies to factors the physical interface (the connector) and the type of protocol used across the interface (AHCI) which is always used with the SATA connector. Today we have a new type of connector for simplicity sake we’ll just call it an edge connector. The first version was called mSATA (for micro SATA) then Apple took the idea of the smaller connector and moved forward designing a still smaller interface as the standards group was taking to long they went forward with their own connector and protocols. Apple as it turned out didn’t venture far it whens with it’s own connector and used the AHCI protocol which is clocked a higher rate than what the M.2 standard was defined at. As Apple was part of the standards group the standard does follow Apples direction but is not the same! Here is the standard laid out in block form:

Block Image

The Red line is what a SATA interface would use and the Orange line is what your MacBook Air uses.

So as you can see even the standards can be confusing! And to add to it Apples own custom SSD’s don’t use the same connector at least they use the same protocols, but in SATA boards the clocking is different.

Thats why its best to stick with the big three and not try to fit in a M.2 standard SSD into a system which while similar is not the same as what Apple has done.

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