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The 6th generation (E90) of Toyota's best-selling compact car. Also sold as the E90 Sprinter, Holden Nova, and Geo Prizm. This generation was the last of the Corollas to be classified as a subcompact vehicle and the first exclusively front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive Corolla (the rear-wheel-drive option was dropped for this generation).

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My Tapes are Constantly Auto Flipping

When I insert a tape into my cassette player it flips back and forth between side A and B and will not stay on one side long enough to play any music.

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Sounds like your drive belt needs replacing. The old cassette car players were prone to this problem, especially in very warm or very cold climes. An aging main drive belt will slip and the direction sensor will be tricked into it's "end of tape---switch directions" mode. No easy in-dash repair, sorry. Player will have to be removed and disassembled to reach the belt. A good tech will also check the other drive belts, drive wheels and clutches while he's in there.

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Tony got it right. The belt needs to be changed. In most cases there is only 1 belt that drives the entire mechanism. Since these are not as popular as they once were, the belt will likely cost around $8 or so. Once the unit is out of the vehicle, this is about a 30 Minute repair.

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