PS4 shuts down returning from sleep and won't start

Hi there, I am the proud owner of PS4 Model CUH-1216A.

When I turn it on it works fine then I send it to Sleep mode and it will turn on fine if it's not for a long time. But if I leave it be a day or two without playing it, when I try to turn it on the light goes from Orange to Blue and than to nothing.

After this if I try to turn it on the console will try boot the light will go Blue and than to nothing. This goes on and on.

To be able to play again I have to unplug the console and wait a couple of minutes. Then plug it in and it will turn on fine.

Also while this problem happens I can go into safe mode but I can't reboot into normal menu.

I had this problem before and I contacted Sony about it still with my warranty active. They suggested that I changed the power cord and this worked for like 4 months than the problem resurfaced. Is this a PSU problem? Or my Ps4 is Busted?

Or can it be that heat just ends up breaking my power cords?

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I've seen my PS4 do strange things coming out of rest mode, but then I've only left it in that state for a maximum of a few hours. This doesn't explain your issue, but I'd shut it down if you're not using it.


I get it, but I use remote play and having to get up from bed to turn ps4 on to play on the vita is a pain in the ass. Also charging the controllers is easier. I would like to fix this. I have a spare PSU in case it is a power supply problem.


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