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Modello inizio 2011, A1278 / processore i5 2,3 GHz o i7 2,7 GHz

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MacBook Pro is not BOOTING using ALT and/or to Recovery Mode

I have a MBP 2011 from a customer and I am trying to reinstall the system however trying to use ALT to select the PEN DRIVE with macOS installation is not working. The CMD + R is not working too.

I already tried reseting the SMC and it didn´t help at all. However I tried resetting PRAM and it doesnt work out.

What can I do?

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You mean Option Key don’t you?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

Command + ‘‘R’’ may not work if the drive is not prepped (new drive). The newer firmware will automatically jump to internet recovery when you press Command + ‘‘R’’ so you will need a network connection to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi.

Did you replace the HD SATA cable yet? This is a common issue in this series.

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Yes I mean ALT/OPTION.

I installed new drive tons of times and NEVER "prepped" the new drive. What should I do if OPTION and CMD+R both are not working?

I didn´t replaced the HD SATA. However I think this is not the case. Cause it came with a QUESTION MARK problem. and I just plugged the new HDD and it instantly showed the Apple Logo, however didnt go through the installation as I said earlier.



Does it boot up with an external drive when you've disconnected the internal?


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