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multiboot Linux tools and other bootable stuff on one USB drive?

Ok, might sound a bit odd. however I use a few different Linux and windows based self booting tools for working on fixing/diagnosing computers.........

I was wondering if i could partition (s) a large USB flash drive and install my bootable tools, with some kind of bootloader.......including a PartPE image....... and of course a menu (like grub etc).

anyway thought i would ask since it is something i have been looking to do for awhile, just have not found anyone else that has done this..... yes i know you can only have 4 primary partitions just want some ideas.

Please don't misunderstand, i have and do make bootable tools..... would just rather carry one flash drive........ rather then one flash drive and CD's......

This is quite a question, so if several web site links is the best answer with a brief description, then I would appreciate that as well. If it's some kind of bash shell thing, thats fine too.

my current primary computer that has a burner is Ubuntu 10.04. i also have access to OSX and windows machines.

I can use a regular 2.5" USB external hard drive if that would matter. (my tools are only bound to get greater in size so why not).

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Thank you to everyone for your suggestions, choosing an answer to accept was a bit difficult........ I will be using more then one of the responses...... dasboot and Yumi seem to be absolutely perfect for my needs..... no more making the same USB tool several times.


Good to hear and thanks for accepting my answer. Hope it will work for you and best of luck.


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Brian, not sure if this will help since it is an older post. or this one My personal favorite is Yumi Again, I hope that I understood your question right...Good Luck

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Lots of forums I visit have instructions, examples and files you can download to do just what you are referring to. I am not certain ifixit wants associated with any of them. So LMGTFY >

You will want to use a program(s) such as the Paragon disk utilities to partition your drive and provide you with a generic boot manger since you are wanting the option of booting to several different sets of pre-established disk utilities and/or operating system environments.

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I use DasBoot for MacOSX Utilities. I have a 4GB Bootable Flashdrive with Diskwarrior, Drive Genius 3, and Data Rescue installed on it and it works beautifully. The beauty of it is that you don't have to install the whole Bootable DVD or CD to the drive, just the application itself. DasBoot takes care of the bootup process. I don't know about Windows or Linux, but if you are looking for a utility like this for Mac, then use Dasboot. I was able to squeeze in some very powerful tools into this tiny 4GB USB flash drive.

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