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Introdotto il 19 settembre 2014, questo iPhone con schermo da 4,7" è la versione più piccola dell'iPhone 6 Plus.

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Sometimes Can't make/receive calls yet has reception


I have a customer's iPhone 6 here. Recently replaced the screen and housing for her.

Afterward, there is an issue that every so often it cannot make or receive calls (displays call failed message)

There is reception (2-3 bars), text messages don't seem to be affected nither does 3G as social media notifications still show up. Customer brought it back and I tested it with her sim card and with one of my testing sim cards and it seem to work (I could make and receive calls) serval times through out the day. However once she come to pick it up it did not work again.

Normally I would think this is an antenna issue however in this case its still display enough bars and all other functions work.

Any suggestions to test or parts to replace? (I have the phone with me currently)

Thanks in advance!

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After you have eliminated antennae or network locks as the possible culprit, searching issues on the iPhone 6 are usually related to the baseband IC. The baseband IC is very sensitive, just like the Touch IC's on the 6 Plus; it also suffers from poor quality traces and pads.

Now this isn't a searching issue per se but the Baseband IC is so problematic in this device that it's worth considering.

Go to your phone’s dialing keypad and dial *#06#. You should see the IMEI displayed.

If the IMEI is not displayed, the Baseband IC has to be reballed and two small copper traces (U1/V1) have to be rebuilt and solidified. This is commonly referred to as the “long jumper” solution. You can check out this answer (Service is "Searching" indefinitely) (by @teetopp) as it summarizes the issue really well and he covers other non searching problems as well.

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