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Soldering is a method of connecting two pieces of metal together by melting another filler metal in between them. There are many kinds of soldering, but this article is designed to teach you the basics of electrical soldering.

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I have continuity in both coils (AC-DC) but no power output?

I have a 12v 2A transformer without power output

I testes/checked with a voltmeter both coils (AC-DC) but no V+ output

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You may have a short in your secondary winding. A short will still register as continuity, but the output side of the transformer will be effectively non-functional since it will be unable to convert the magnetic field from the primary winding into electric current.

Unfortunately these can be difficult to troubleshoot. You may be able to find some information with a web search, but it tends to get into sensitive measurement, and honestly unless you're willing to re-wind the transformer coils you're probably going to spend a lot of time (and maybe money) for little gain.

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@marcosllamas "I testes/checked with a voltmeter both coils (AC-DC)" How did you test it with a voltmeter? Most transformers do not have DC but produce AC and need a rectifier circuit to produce DC. You need to give us more of the values etc. Tell us what the input voltage is and give us an idea what this transformer comes out of. If you have some sort of identifier on the transformer, that will help as well.

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