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Motorola smartphone released June 2016 with additional features called Moto Mods (Speakers, chargers, etc). At the time of its release, the Moto Z was the thinnest smartphone ever (5.2mm). Model numbers XT1650-01 and XT1650-03.

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How do you get the MotoZ Force Two apart?

How do you get the MOTOZ Force Two apart? It looks like it's

all one piece.

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If you can see the gold plated pins on the rear of the phone, there is no cover on it, and it will not come apart any further.

If you are not seeing those pins, you only have to pull the back off the phone. The covers are only held on by magnets.

Look at the bottom of the phone. It should have a gap between whichever rear cover you have on and the phone itself. Put something plastic in there and twist. The rear cover should pop right off.

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