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Suddenly Loud fan and slow

Two days ago I was about to start working on my laptop, it took a few minutes to boot and started fanning like crazy. This was absolutely unexpected. The day before it was working like a charm, didn’t spill anything on it and it didn’t get hit by anything.

The fan is spinning at max (6500), and the cpu is taken over (400-800%) by kernel_task.

I have tried pram resets and smc to no avail. Smc did give some sort of results, as in once in a while it makes the computer fast again, mak s the battery disappear (isn’t recognized both by coconut and my os), but the fan is still maxing out. In addition to that I used disk utility and ironed out a few bugs in the system. The volumes are now perfectly fine.

On the hardware side I pried open the thing, pulled out and put back battery, io/cable, fan and ssd. A hardware test was run, it didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

All that didn’t get me anywhere. I’m willing to substitute i/o board and cable, but am not sure wether or not it’ll be a solution.

Any inputs are more than welcome.

Update (05/26/2018)

I did run diagnostics, the results were:

  • Battery will need to be replaced soon (functioning normally) PPT002
  • There may be an issue with SMC, PFM006, PPN001

Block Image

TG Pro says 6500 rpm (as I said), and no part of the laptop is over 45 C. The hottest being the SSD at 45.


I pulled the logic board out, the backside doesn’t show any signs of corruption of any kind. It was submerged in dust though. I’ll clean all the components today. Battery lufe cycles will be posted.

Block Image


Coconut gave back 1300 lifecycles, making the change 300 lifecycles overdue. Still, can the battery cause this kind of errors?


Running the system without the battery gives the same exact results as with.


Just to be sure I cleaned my ssd an reinstalled macos. It was to no avail. Utility monitor doesn’t show kernel_task taking over anymore though.

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Yes, power can distort measurement circuitry like SMC.

Lets try this: disconnect the battery (you can't have its load on the system) and just run the system from the power adapter (the correct one and in good shape) see if TG Pro reports the same thing then. If it is good time for a new battery.


I was doing just that. TG shows the same exact results. The fan is going wild as always even without the battery.


Then I guess you'll need to try a new fan unit. Here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Air 11" Mid 2013 Fan Replacement & the needed part: MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2011-Early 2015) Fan.


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You'll need to dig a bit deeper here. How about running the on board diagnostics to see what it shows for an error message. Or, you might want to see what your thermal sensors are telling you as well as how fast your fan is running. I would install this great app: TG Pro.

Tell us the error message and/or paste a screenshot of the main window of TG Pro here for us to see.


Update (05/26/2018)

I would check to see if you have some corrosion damage around the SMC chip. You'll need to pull the logic board out to check the back side.

I would run CoconutBattery to see how many cycles the battery has left. Some cells could be acting up causing the power to be off this can then mess up your system. I would replace the battery sooner than later as you don't want a swelling battery to distort or damage the trackpad and its cable.

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I checked the mobo, doesn’t show signs of corruption. Coconut report coming in next.


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