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Modello A1136 con 30, 60, o 80 GB di hard disk con plastica frontale bianca o nera

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missed replacing the hd cover

I bought a replacement 60Gb hard drive for my iPod Video locally to avoid shipping and customs costs (Canada). The drive did not come with any foam attached or metal cover over the circuit board. iPod 5th Generation (Video) Hard Drive Replacement I peeled the foam off of the original drive and used it on my replacement drive, but it didn't occur to me that I could also peel the metal cover off of the original drive and use it over the circuit board of the new drive. Instead I placed the foam directly on the circuit board and completed the repair. My iPod now works great, but I'm concerned about that foam being directly in contact with the hard drive's circuit board.

Should I be concerned?

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Thanks - I figure it's best to leave well enough alone rather than risk more trouble opening it up again!


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It should be fine.

I've left many pieces out of an iBook and never had any bad be caused by it, and temperatures in an iBook can be considerably higher than in an iPod

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