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Can't sync via USB car

I had a friend give me an A1059 29GB ipod classic (I think it's 4th generation). Came with a large charger and firewire cable. When I try to connect it via the usb port in my car, no music or charging occurs. Is there a specific 30PIN connector I need to make it work? I've tried two others to no avail.

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Not what I asked really. Want to know if there is a difference among iPod 30 pin cables that would prevent playing through the car via USB. I have some cables but they don't work with this one which came with a firewire one that obviously doesn't help


Hi @krbmedia ,

Are the other 30 pin cables Apple or perhaps Samsung?

Apple 30 pin to USB should work. Other brands may be different wiring configuration

Have you tried the Ipod connected to a firewire port in a computer to prove that the Ipod can connect?


Yes I tried a different Apple USB cord and it will connect to the computer for iTunes syncing with both, bit not charge or play through the car.


Hi @krbmedia ,

Have you got another USB device that you can connect to the car that proves that the car's USB connection is OK?


Yes it works with my old iPod nano but this one, no. I'm sure it's something to do with the cable, since it came with a firewire one and a huge brick to charge it, but not sure if there is an equivalent USB one that charges and syncs.


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Hi @krbmedia ,

Search online for a Ipod Classic USB cable (example only).

This should allow the Ipod to work on USB.

Update (05/14/2018)

Hi @krbmedia ,

Can only suggest that you check the voltage supply on the USB port of the car.

I realize that the car's USB port works with other devices and that your Ipod Classic works when connected to other device's USB ports but perhaps, and this is a long shot, the car's USB port may not be supplying the full +5V DC as required. It may be only supplying say 4.75VDC which may be enough for your other devices but is maybe marginal for the Ipod. The USB standard for voltage supply is Vcc = +5V DC +/- 5% i.e. 4.75VDC - 5.25VDC

Be careful when you test the voltage using a DMM (Voltmeter) that you don't short out the +5V Vcc pin to Earth (metal shield of the socket), with the meter's test probe. It may be safer to create a breakout cable using an old USB cable with one end removed and the wires exposed and connect the meter to the Vcc and Ground wires instead.

Block Image

(click on link to enlarge for better viewing)

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@jayeff John, I've banned about 50 SPAMMER in the last hour and a half but need to go to bed. We really need you to accept moderator power for situations just like this. I don't know if they are done for the night. I only had one phone number to let iFixit know @kaykay but it's Friday night and I got no answer. Please think about it ;-)


Hi @mayer ,

OK will think about it for "emergency use only" situations.

Cheers ;-)


@jayeff read your email. I have to go to bed


@jayeff you got my support on that as well. It was a PITA that morning to try to clean up and to get rid of them. I wonder how many we actually took out between the mods that were active. Any additional help in case like that would make everybody's job easier and keep iFixit clean. Thank you for all that you do already.


Hi @krbmedia ,

Looking at the specs for your Ipod Classic, it states that you need a "high power' USB port to charge it.

What this means (I think) is that the port must be able to deliver at least 500mA of current. Perhaps your Nano doesn't need this much. PC USB ports do supply this much.

To me it seems that there is a compatibility problem between the player and the head unit, although why it doesn't even charge is a bit of a mystery.

Not syncing I can understand, I have a Subaru, where my Samsung mp3 player charges OK when plugged in via USB but it is not being recognized by the head unit. It is though it is not connected. It only happens with the mp3 player. Still haven't worked out why only the one device has this problem as others work OK

Have you checked the USB end of the cable to ensure that all the pins are there, that they are straight and parallel with each other etc? Also check the USB port in the car. It may be that it is a mechanical thing that they're not connecting properly.


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