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Black unresponsive screen on iPhone 6s. HELP!

My phone was fine yesterday. When i woke uo today the screen was black and unresponsive. When i turn it on it makes the charging sound also vibrated when i mute it. I have already hard reset ti which made no difference. I also factory reset it and updated it via itunes but that also made no difference.

The phone was not dropped or water damaged. Screen has no damage etc.

When it turns on the screen goes dark blue rather than staying black. The dark blue is barely visible.

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I am not much of an expert in this field, but from what I can see in your post, it would either be a faulty connection between the screen and the phone, or a broken backlight. If it is a faulty connection, follow the iFixit steps to for a screen replacement to find how to remove the screen connectors, and then re-attach them. If this doesn't fix the problem, it could be a broken backlight. You mentioned the screen appearing dark blue, and this could be a symptom of a broken backlight. Try shining a torch onto the screen while powering the phone on. If you can see the icons on the screen from the light of the torch, then it is most likely a backlight issue. That repair is out of my league, so I would suggest posting another thread centred around replacing your backlight, and see if you get a response from a more competent person than myself.

Hope this helps!

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