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iTunes Error code 14 - Phone Bricked

This all started yesterday, I had bought an iPhone 7 off eBay for $320 photos looked legit, showed it working with no iCloud, so I hopped on it and bought it.

Well, I get it charged up and, half the icons are stuck on waiting (the person probably updated it and didn't let it fully finish?). So go into settings, it's on iOS 11.2.5 so I figured,

I'm just going to reset it because that will probably clear the waiting icon issue junk, I tap "Erase All Content and Settings"... nothing. So I tap it a couple more times.. nothing, so I tap "Reset all Settings" and it does it. Cool.

It froze ~half way through, so I hold power and volume down button to restart, and it's in recovery mode. Fine, I'll restore through iTunes, no problem.

Extracts the software... Restoring phone... Apple logo on screen. Then Bam!

Error 14. Phone's stuck at Apple logo with the loading bar anywhere from like 1% to 50% across.

OK, different cable. Error 14

Different USB ports. Error 14

Uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled. Error 14

Hackintosh Laptop. Error 14

Turned off all the Windows Defender junk. Error 14

DFU Mode. Error 14

I'm not sure what more I can do, I contacted the eBay seller and they say it's my fault because I "Tampered" with the software. There's not an Apple Store for 90 miles. Since it's used, to send it to Apple would cost $330, which is more than what I paid.

Edit/Update: 5/29 : Had the phone sent to a relative in Las Vegas, he took it to an apple store and they printed of a sheet saying the phone became bricked after trying to restore and throws error 14 indicating a hardware issue, and that I need to either replace the phone or refund with eBay..

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Got the exact same thing with my Ipad Mini 4 wifi 16GB, i tried updating/restore on 4 different computers (2 were macbooks)using 3 different official apple USB cables on every single port i could find. Same Error 14 every time. i confirmed i was running the most recent Itunes

I took mine to the apple store yesterday, they tried on 2 different macbooks with several cables and they also got the error 14 everytime.

They basically told me i now have a brick and theres nothing they can do since it is out of warranty. They said it maybe the logicboard is bad but couldnt tell me for certain and wont take it apart to see the problem.

Took it to a local 3rd party technician, confirmed i also had a brick. so now i'm contemplating if its worth trying to get a logicboard or just sell for parts.

sorry man. hope yours can get fixed some how but if its the same issue as mine.... :(

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Don't restore won't work, plug in and update it if you can if not download the firmware for that device and shift click restore or update and select that firmware you downloaded and install it

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Tried shift clicking update and using the ipsw, still error 14.


That's odd sounds like it's getting hung up on something then


Have you tried restoring via iTunes on a desktop computer? Not sure whether you are doing this on a laptop or not.

I know my Surface Pro 3 doesn't have a good USB port because it just keeps toggling the connection for apple devices.


I am using a desktop, I have also tried using my Hackintosh laptop, once again, Error 14.


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Same problem here on an iPhone 7. Changed U2 tristar, reprogrammed nand and still, error 14.

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I have aslo the same problem with my iphone 7 plus.

actully i am a technician so i decides to fix my phone because its not software issue. Its a hardware problem

  1. Changed the nand no success
  2. checked nand pada each nand pad have good impidance
  3. changed nand eeprom
  4. checked usb track tristar also is good
  5. i don’t know what should i do to fix it
  6. here is crash log
  7. ( [10:24:21.0016] ==== device restore output ====
  8. [10:24:21.0016] (null)
  9. [10:24:21.0016] ==== end of device restore output ====
  10. [10:24:21.0016] AMRAuthInstallDeletePersonalizedBundle
  11. [10:24:21.0110] <Restore Device 0000000054D58550>: Restore failed (result = 14)
  12. [10:24:21.0110] Finished RestoreOS Restore Phase: Failed
  13. [10:24:21.0110] State Machine Dump, status:ERROR - [state:DFU remaining-cycles:1] -> [state:Recovery remaining-cycles:0] -> [state:RestoreOS remaining-cycles:0 (current state)]
  14. [10:24:21.0110] Changing state from 'Restoring' to 'Error'
  15. [10:24:21.0110] State is now set to error
  16. [10:24:21.0110] Restore completed, status:14
  17. [10:24:21.0110] Restore Checkpoint Fingerprint: 065B.000E
  18. [10:24:21.0110] Failure Description:
  19. [10:24:21.0110] Depth:0 Code:-1 Error:AMRestorePerformRestoreModeRestoreWithError failed with error: 14
  20. [10:24:21.0110] Depth:1 Code:14 Error:Failed to handle message type StatusMsg
  21. [10:24:21.0110] Depth:2 Code:14 Error:failed to restore APFS image )

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Try restoring with the screen unplugged. If that doesn’t work, could be IC chip.

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This is pretty late, but I got the phone the an Apple store and they gave me a paper saying the phone had some hardware issue and that I should file a refund with eBay or the seller. Which I did, and got my money back.

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