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I can't power up my iMac - even after replacing the Power supply?

Hi there,

I have an I-mac G5 Duo Intel 20' which I bought in February 2006.

Apart from some minor wear and tear this still works well until last week.

Last Friday I came back from a 1 week vacation (during which I had unplugged my Imac G5 - which I gather is not the best idea). When I plugged it back in there was a blue flash at the socket - like it had shorted.

When the Imac then didn't power up I initially assumed the fuse in the plug had blown. However after changing the fuse, there was no difference. I tried other sockets and it was the same story and just to be sure I tried the fuse in a working item and it was fine.

Reading through Ifixit it seemed likely that the iMac G5/Intel Power Supply needed replacing, so I ordered that along with the various recommended tools.

These arrived yesterday and I spent a LONG night working on the computer and replacing the power supply.

However the i-mac is still as dead as a doornail.

Today I got a replacement lead - incase the lead was at fault.

Still no joy.

What can you suggest? Although most of my important files are backed up to hard drives I really need to bring this old beast back to life.



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As to your question on changing the hard drive to a different machine: You should have no problem with that as long as the programs were running OK before the old machine went down.

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Dear mayer,

While I'm grateful and encouraged by your response above - I have been rethinking my approach to this.

I had initially thought I would "transplant" the HDD from my dead A1076 to a newly purchased working A1076, But rather than potentially damaging a perfectly good working A1076, while doing this, I'm thinking it would be better if after removing the Hard Drive from the Dead A1076 I could run it as an External Drive.

Is there a way of doing this or a casing sold that I could install it in?

thanks again



Sure. Just Google, SATA to USB 2 external enclosure


Hi Again,

Further to my questions above, I purchased a caddy and fitted the old drive there.

The drive works fine in terms of all files I remember still being visible and accessible on the Finder window. However if I try to run any of my old applications from this drive, they don't start - I think they are referring to Library files that aren't where they should be (ie on the internal HDD). I realise I could probably set the Mac to use the External drive as a Start Up but that seems like a really awkward and resource demanding way to open these apps.

So I guess I just have to swap the newer SATA HDD in my computer - for the old one (with the apps I want access to - on it) and then use the newer HDD as an external drive in the Caddy. Phew - this is getting exhausting.



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You'll likely need to replace the power supply. I suspect the caps used in the PS was part of the Capacitor Plague

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your response - but as I said in my post, I have replaced the Power Supply, also the power cable, and tested the unit in a different outlet - all to no avail.

So it seems to be something else. Is it the motherboard?



Often the parts suppliers recover parts from other Mac's so its possible the new supply has bad caps as well ;-{

You'll need to get a volt meter to test the voltages. It's been awhile but I do remember there was an onboard diagnostic LED to test for power on the main logic board. With the display off do you see an LED glowing on the logic board with the Power cord plugged in?


Thanks Dan, I'll check that out.



Hi again Dan (and anyone else reading),

If I was to buy a used but working A1076 and then transferred the Internal Hard Drive from my dead A1076 - would all the programs I had installed on the original run on the new one? I'm specifically thinking of Final Cut Pro which I had installed on the old machine for many years.

Thanks for any help you can provide



Sorry I just don't know.


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