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iPhone 6S reboots upon receiving messages with vibration activated


I'm having this problem after i replaced the loudspeaker since the volume was very low. This didn't solve the problem until i poked small holes into the loudspeaker mesh.

Now whenever someone texts or calls me while vibration is activated, the phone reboots. While receiving the message or call the ringing sound is followed by a loud distorted electrical cracking sound.

Today i replaced the lightning port but this also didn't solve the problem.

Update (04/28/2018)

I recorded the problem. The Youtube Link is|here.]

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Is there a chance that I damaged the long antenna running from the bottom right up to the Logic Board? Service Signal and Wifi seems fine though.


Status is following:

When I leave the old loudspeaker inside the device reboots.

When I remove the loudspeaker it does reboot too.

When I remove the Taptic Engine problem stays the same.

When I disconnect the Lighting Port Flex from the Logic Board the problem is fixed. The Lighting Port is new and fully functioning (charging, headphone jack, etc.).

I did the same with a different battery, but still the same errrors.

Reset + iOS Update via DFU Mode didn't help.


Tried a third loudspeaker from a functioning Iphone. Still not working. Later i cleaned the connectors between Logic Board and Lightning Flex with cleaning alcohol. The phone got stuck in headphone mode but vibration worked. I then reconnected the flex and it got out of headphone mode, but then the vibration error occured again. Does this mean that I damaged the connector?

Edit: When I manually try to plug in headphones vibration does not work.


Solution: I connected the Lightning Port Flex to the Logic Board again but didn't press it all the way to so that "clicking sound" would appear. It barely holds inself in place but with the metal shield on top of it, it should be fine.


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If you changed the loud speaker and it's making a crackling noise I would suggest going back to the old loud speaker and see if this helps, I think the new load speaker could be faulty causing excessive battery drain causing restart. If this does not fix try iOS update then new battery

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The same problem still occurs with the old loudspeaker. I then disconnected the Lightning Port Flex Cable from the Logic Board and left vibration activated. The phone didn't reboot but then of course there was no vibration and no sound.


Are the volume switches on side of phone working ok? Did you say you changed lightening port after you had this problem ? I would look at changing the ring tone sound in setting too just in case your sound file is corrupted see if other sounds cause crackling.


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