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Released in 2012, Identified by Model Number: R630020

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won't start the machine

Whilst the machine was cleaning my room, it got stuck with the prompt to "move Roomba to a new location then press clean to restart". While I was moving the Roomba and attempting to remove the duster, I accidentally dropped the Roomba onto the ground.

Since then, it has been repeating the same prompt but not been operating. Please help?


lochlan hua

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Iochlan Hua,

Have a look at the documentation and I would first try a factory reset if possible. As this would conclude there is physical damage.

After that, I would take the covers off and have a look inside for any obviously damaged parts. As could just be something as simple as a sensor that has been jolted to a different position.

Give this a shot and let me know how you get on :)

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How do you do a factory reset?

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