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Screen Not Working After Replacement

Hello all,

I just replaced a screen on an iPhone 6s, and after I put the screen on, it won't light up showing me it's on. I can hear the little reminder noise, so I know that the phone is on. I have put the old screen back on, and the screen still won't turn on. I have tried disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it, but it still hasn't solved the problem.

Does anyone know what's up with this phone?

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If the screen got replaced while the battery was left plugged in the backlight circuit is probably blown which can only be fixed by microsoldering.

Some repair shops do board-level repairs / microsoldering which you may be able to find locally in your area.

What usually happens is when you disconnect or connect the screen while the battery is still plugged in you may see a puff of smoke coming from the screen connectors meaning the backlight filter blew up.

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Could be that you got a defective screen, it's about 1 in 10 screens that I replace are non-functional. Also there is the possibility that the backlight blew.

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99% your backlight filter is blown!

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