Why is my display not turning on

I’m trying to repair and upgrade my brother’s water damaged MacBook from many years ago.

I just replaced the battery because it had gone thru to many cycles.

I tried to turn it on and I know it will take long to boot but I haven’t seen any upgrade take this long for booting.

I clicked power button and you could hear the fan and other systems along with that the screen was black along with Apple logo on back of the lid. It also making a beep every 7 or 8 minutes.

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Before you replaced the battery was the system able to turn on at all?

You talk about a beep are you sure its every 7 or so seconds not minutes?


Power-On Self-Test Beep Definition - Part 2


It wasn’t turning on before it was completely blacked out sitting in the closet for 4-5 years.

Yes, seconds not minutes but at some point it would slow a bit or get quieter but not a large difference


So even after plugging in the MagSafe to charge the battery for a few hours and the MagSafe connectors LED was what color at this point? This is important.

Now with the new battery what is the MagSafe connectors LED color? When you press the battery checker on the side how many Green LED's light up?


After it charged it was green and the battery was full power and when I press battery checker it doesn’t turn on could possibly be water damaged by that’s the only obvious thing but when I plug in MagSafe the battery indicator turns on all the lights


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