Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and video streaming. Model: CUH-7015B.

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Ps4pro Sounds like a jet, solution please?

So my Ps4pro sounds like a jet, I borrowed my friend's to compare and make sure, my friend's is whisper quiet in comparison. Even in 1080p it still sounds embarrassingly loud. I saw your post in YouTube about loud standard ps4 and how changing the fan solves the problem.

My question is, does the same fix work on pro too!? Are you positive that there won't be any "anomalies" after I have the fan replaced?

I'd appreciate the !&&* outta an good answer.

Update (05/12/2018)

So fan replacement didn't work either. I live in a place without official sony repair centers, can anybody help?

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Hi Bro Try To Reinstall System Software , You Can Download It From Sony Support and Install , But Recovery Firmware Will Be Format Your Hard Disk and Erase All Data and PSN Accounts , I Offer To You After Install Is Complete Go To The Safe Mode Menu and Choose Rebuild Database Hope You Problem Fix With This Trick !


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Before replacing fan, try this way, in my case have solved completely:

- unassemble console

- replace thermal paste

- start to assemble console but when you mount backplate X element, mount it reversed (central sphere outside, corner far from mainboard)

- This make a better contact of chipset surface against heatsink

- Close console and try

In my situation (delta fan) my PS4 pro reduce loudnes from 70db to 50db in same situation and now rumor it's not always on but change based on activity on screen (more sense)


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according to the troubleshooting guide that should work

here is our fan replacement guide for the Pro.

PlayStation 4 Pro Fan Replacement

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Also, have a can of compressed air on hand. There may be dust build up blocking the vent ports.


I always just blow on dusty stuff. it puts dust everywhere BUT whatever you were blowing. I deal with the mess later.


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