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Can I upgrade my iPhone 5 camera

I know you will all tell me to just upgrade my iPhone and trust me I want to but my dad can't know I will have a new phone so I will stick to what he can't figure out. I have already upgraded battery to 3000 mAh and am wondering if I can get a better camera. Also if you know any other add ons I can do to fully upgrade my phone to make it much better than it is now. Thanks!

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Unfortunately, you can't upgrade the camera because the connectors on the various cameras are all different. They all look the same from the outside but they are truly different in their pin assignments.

I hate to break it to you, but that 3000mAh battery isn't what you think it is. If you could really double the capacity of a battery in the same package, all the manufacturers would be selling it or at least offering it as an option. All you have is a fancy wrapper on the same battery everyone else has.

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replacing the entire camera would probably cost you more than just getting a new phone, otherwise there isn't much you can do to improve the quality

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