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How do I swap malfunctioning logic board with locked functional board

Let me give you some details.

I have an iPhone 5c with a malfunctioning logic board due to water damage. It has a clean imei and is unlocked for any carrier. The phone boots up just fine but the charging U2 chip is all messed up and the display will go crazy every once in a while. I also have another iPhone 5c with a bad imei that is locked but the board is perfectly functioning. I do not have very much expirience in micro soldering. But I was wondering what components would I have to switch in order to maintain all data. I know the NAND Sphynx chip needs to be transferred over. But is that all? What chips need to be transferred over. I want to switch the data from the malfunctioning logic board to the working with locked / blacklisted board.

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i think the main chips you would need to transfer are cpu, nand and baseband. if you havent got much experience dont attempt it

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That's an understatement! Actually, even if you have a lot of experience, I wouldn't recommend you attempt it :>). It will be a lot easier to repair the charging and display issues than to transfer over the core components.


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