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Lanciato a giugno 2012. Modello A1278. Processore Intel con Turbo Boost. Fino a 512 MB di RAM Video DDR5

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MBP is down Pulled the plug from my iPhone and than it crashed

My MBP 13" Unibody MId2012 chrashed.

What happened:

Connected my Iphone 5s to the MPB via cable.

I got called and pulled the Plug.

Screen went black... Thought nothing.

After the call i wanted to get working again... Nothing.


First the Macsafe Light was barley to see ... Color Green

My Macsafe now is blinking Orange, fast like 3 times a sec

The Batterylights on the Left show nothing.

The Powerbutton is not responding.

MPB is not starting

no Sound nothing

It is 2 1/2 Years old, never dropped, never spilled anything on it.

Weird... Last one i got ten years until the Battery exploded.

Maybe it was the Taxsoftware that make it chrash...

na just kidding

Any suggestions.

Logicboard? DC Jack? Everything?

Would like to fix it

I am tired of buying new stuff


PS: I also speak German and Spanish, if this helps. ;)

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I also tried 3 different Chargers. All react the same.

Flickering Light in amber/orange


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The post: Not charging, blinking green/orange light could help.

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Not quite sure about this, i read it some hours ago. But if the Ram reseat won´t work out. I´ll try something else. Thanks for the hint.


The Problem was solved by

- disconnecting the Battery

- with disconnected Battery i was able to power up the MBP via my MACsafe

Light was steady orange and bright

- turned of MBP

- making the SMCreset

- reconnected the Battery

works again

+ before that i reseated the RAM (2x8GB) as MR. MAYER recommended... so it didn't work straight away maybe it helped.


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Reseat your RAM (three blinking lights).

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Aye Aye Sir, i will try that.

Thank you very much


I reseated the RAM and Symptoms stay the same.

Powerbutton not responding

MACsafe Light on the plug flickering orange

No Chargeindication Lights


MR. MAYER thank you for your suggestion with RAMreseat.


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