Looking for help, Video Issues on C60-M3 Vizio

Good day,

I received a Vizio M60-C3 flat screen smart TV recently. I am looking for some help trouble shooting the video issue I am having.

First I explain what I have done to attempt to isolate the issue.

The screen is dark. I can seen the menus and overlay on the screen, however. I can adjust brightness and contrast, no change is seen.

I can scroll through all smart overlay options...i.e. Netflix, Yahoo, etc.

I can change inputs and I have pumped an HDMI signal in and can see the video, no change. The screen was originally fed with an Ethernet signal, These same video conditions exist.

I am seeing, associated with the overlay graphics, some artifacts. For example, the NO SIGNAL box in the center of the screen will show a darkand light areas to the right. These appear as flickering lines. If the box is gone, the artifact also goes. This same condition appears with any menu overlay. The video, with no signal, appears to

just be like a snow (if one recalls the old UHF OTA channels) but the snow is a finer grain.

I have done a full reset on the TV and there is no change. Currently, the TV is in "STORE" mode and shows the VIZIO 80" M-SERIES tag in the upper left corner, The NO SIGNAL box in centered in the screen, between the tag and the no signal is a flickering white stripe. This stripe is not there if I feed a signal.

The entire screen seems to be very low resolution, almost fuzzy. Adjustment of the

SHARPNESS control does nothing. Adjustment of color and tint does nothing.

It appears that the power supply is working. It appears that the main board is working as I see the issue across multiple inputs. The LED driver board appears to be

okay, that is its operating as I do have low level output and its not shutting down the power supply due to some issue. The PANEL is working, no solid lines, cracks, or other permanent artifacts, so I'm ruling out the panel and the panel connectors.

I have prior knowledge of this TV's life. It was installed in a kiosk style application and I am suspecting it may have succumb to overheating.

So, I am thinking the T-CON board is at fault.

I have a working knowledge of electronics, I have not taken the TV apart to read any voltages on any of the boards. I have not been able to find a service manual, either.

I would like to know what voltages I should be seeing before just poking around.

Any thoughts or links for a service manual... feel free to add them here.

Thanks for looking/reading ....


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