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Numero modello A1707. Rilasciato a giugno 2017, questo MacBook Pro adotta processori Kaby Lake fino a Intel Core i7 quad core da 2,8 GHz con Turbo boost fino a 3,8 GHz.

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key hinge and cup replacement procedure

I had broken a few keys on my MPB and I have ordered replacements and they arrived with hinge and cup replacements too. On one of my keys I have also to replace the cup as the black plastic was damaged by compressed air while I tried to clean it. The problem is that I cannot find instructions on how to replace not only the keys (which is super easy) but also the hinge and the cup. Anyone know how to change the key and the cup on the15'' Macbook Pro 2017 Touch Bar ?

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My problem is that I spilled Pepsi on the keyboard. The keys got sticky. I tried to remove the keys but because I didn't know how, I broke them. Also, when cleaning underneath the key caps I used compressed air and there is a black plastic piece which is covering the LED light which was blown away by my compressed air can. So I ordered a new set of keys. It was actually easy to remove the hinge, just pull it lightly away. There is a bit of adhesive used in the factory but the replacement stays put without it.


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I've found and used this video before but you are at real risk of breaking the mechanism and the key when you remove them. What problem are you having with the keys? Apple will replace the whole top case for free if there is dust that has got stuck under the keys and is making them not work. I would try that first.

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