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Device repair information for the 1080p 60" Projection TV by Mitsubishi with model number WD-60737.

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Why wont my tv screen come on?

I have this tv . The volume works but the picture wont come on after like 3minn of leting the volume play the tv shuts itself off. why?

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on the back their should be a cord at the end its plug is a circle and in the middle theirs a pin make sure its in all the way and that the cord to plug in the wall is'int loss


your answer was helpful.


I’m getting a code 61. Six red flashes and one yellow. Any help??


I'm geting a 61 code as well. But I'm getting 6 red 1 orange


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cindythomas1370 check your LED indicators first and let us know what you find.

Block Image

After that try to check the self diagnostics:

Update (03/23/2018)


To activate, press the front panel <ACTIVITY> + <CH down)> buttons at the same time and hold for 5 seconds.

The STATUS LED will then flash denoting a two digit code.

• The number of flashes indicates the value of the MSD (tens digit) of the Error Code.

• The flashing then pauses for approximately 1/2 second.

• The LED then flashes indicating the value of the LSD (ones digit) of the Error Code.

• The Error Code is repeated a total of 5 times.

Example: If the Error Code is “23”, the LED will flash two times, pause, and then flash three times.

Note: The TV must be in “Shut Down” and the LED will probably be indicating an abnormal condition.

If the TV is switched Off, AC is removed, or a System Reset is performed, the code automatically

resets to “12” No Error. See the Error Code Log to retrieve a history of errors.

Note: Use the front panel buttons, not the remote control.

Note: If there is no response, the front panel may be locked by a V-Chip setting. To unlock, press and hold

<ACTIVITY> on the front panel for 5 seconds.

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your answer helped out alot it looks like it is the bulb.


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I did the requested activity/ channel down button for [5] seconds. Code31 flashed.

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