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Lanciato il 3 marzo 2017, Nintendo Switch è un dispositivo palmare che può essere usato con la TV o in movimento.

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Is there any way to get a replacement bottom cover?

My fingers are very oily and the back of my switch is disgusting and I have tried everything to clean it. Is it possible to get an official or oem back cover that is at least as close to the original?

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If you don't mind a new look for your switch, than yes! Amazon has a couple new replacement pieces that come in different colors for the switch and joy cons. The link I've provided below is a clear variant. But they also come in other colors and combinations.


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who doesn't like clear electronics? nice find!


I've bought one before but it felt like cheap plastic, but the one you posted seems like a better material. If you have bought it previously, how is it?


My friend had purchased this one, and he claimed that despite how it thought it was going to be. He ended up really liking it for what it is. He would definitely recommend it! :)


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