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A candybar-style smartphone by BlackBerry RIM released in 2009.

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dropped into the potty - need a bit of help

well, my kid is home from school, and her new phone happened to take a death dive, into the potty. We immediately threw it into a bag of rice without the battery, and now we have a phone that won't turn on, and has rice dust in it.

ANY help wold be greatly appreciated!

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Is this a set up for a potty mouth joke?


Trust me the "potty mouth" has reared it's ugly head already! Thanks for the smile though!


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You will need to take it apart and clean the boards and cable ends with alcohol and a brush. You will also need a new battery, as the first thing water kills is usually the battery. Here is a link showing hoe to take your phone apart:

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We will try the new battery tomorrow - THANKS!


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