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Il Galaxy S7 Edge è la variante schermo curvo del telefono top del 2016 di Samsung, il Galaxy S7. Annunciato a febbraio 2016 e lanciato l'11 marzo. Modello SM-G935.

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How to recover data after factory reset android Samsung galaxy s7?

Hey guys. I am wondering how to recover data after factory reset android Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge without rooting. Many precious photos and text messages are deleted after factory reset, i want to get them back but some files now exist on my phone, which may get lost after rooting, I am afraid. Please help. Thanks a lot.

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Without any backup ?

Okay, you can install a data recovery tool , because which can detect your Android memory or SD card (Other devices) to restore them back again ,like this :

But there are limits, If they get deleted too long (More than 10 days) or they're covered by other deleted data ,they can never be recovered.


Will I be able to get it back from August until now


I hope we can back that data up from August to September is there any way


Sorry to hear that you have lost all data from your Samsung Galaxy S7.

For future, don't forget to backup your data to computer or any other cloud service, the best would be Google Account, Google Drive for backing up media files such as photos , videos and documents and Gmail ID for backing contacts.


Check if your deleted data have been overwritten,if not,Samsung data recovery tool could help you recover data easily.


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See this thread.

How to recover data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S8

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A factory reset is the restoration of an Android phone to the state it was when it left the factory. It is still possible to get back the data after a factory reset since with Samsung data recovery,since the original hard drive records are not overwritten with zeroes.

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