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The 2014 edition of the Kindle, part of the 7th generation, includes a touchscreen and same form-factor as the Kindle Paperwhite, but lacks the backlight.

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Where can I find a battery for the Kindle SY69JL 8th Generation?

Hi all any help with this one? Part No: 58-000151 Model 265360 890 mAh 3.29 Wh. Cant seem to find it anywhere. Even this site doesn't have it in the device menu.

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There is this one.

I know it says it is for a Kindle 4 but it seems to have all the right numbers and specs except that the part number seems wrong but has same numbers in different order.

Zoom in on the numbers on the flex cable and check that as well.

For the cost it may be worth a try

Update (03/02/2018)


My only suggestion now is to measure the dimensions of your battery and then search online for a (insert dimensions) 3.7V 890mAH LiPo battery and check if there are any with a similar 3 wire connector.

The convention with batteries sizing information (and I'm surprised that it is not written on your battery) is as follows

The depth (or height) x width x length all in mm.

Also the depth number normally has a decimal point, which is not shown in the number.

An "example" of what I mean

Searching for a 354448 3.7V 890mAH LiPo battery would give results.

decoding "354448" dimension information

35 =3.5mm depth (or height) Note the decimal point

44 = 44mm width

48 = 48mm length.

You don't have to be that accurate with the measurements as long as it will physically fit into the device, especially the height.

As long as the voltage of 3.7V is correct then even the mAH value doesn't have to be exact. The greater the capacity (mAH), the longer the battery will last before it has to be recharged. This means of course that it will also take longer to fully charge again.

Hopefully you may be able to find a suitable replacement battery using this method

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It looks the same but the connector. Here are pictures I took of it. The closest resembling connector is 7th gen


Thanks the battery measures about 2mm in depth 52mm width and 64mm in lenght. I did find this on eBay which matches the 3 pin plug on my battery and the specs seem to match in terms of mAh and mw however the measurements are not listed.



Contact the seller and ask if it is also suitable for a Kindle 8th Gen.

If they don't know ask for an approximate size.

They have a 30 day user pays shipping return policy if they are wrong


Thanks Jayeff. Going to give this a try. I did find the same markings 265360 on my battery so by your description means 2.6mm x 53mm x 60mm which is very close to what I measured except it has a bit of an extension on top of the battery. I will update the post and close if it is compatible.



Reviewing the picture you posted of your battery, it looks like there will be enough room to fit the new battery, so hopefully all will be well.

Good Luck!


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