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Apple won't reset icloud for my nephew help

I replaced my nephews screen because he broke it. His mom is still paying for the phone through her carrier. T-mobile I think. She has all the documents proving she is the owner of the phone and Apple still has not helped out. What can she do. She said she has 4 payments left on it and they are the only owners.

If some one out there could give some advice on how to handle this or know who i can have her contact to get this fixed I would greatly appriciate it.

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It was my nephews phone and no they did not know the password he could even remember the email. But thankfully almost a week and a half later Apple finnally fixed it. I was not looking for a cheat or something like that to get into his or around the icloud. I simply wanted to know what steps to take.

I just thought it was a little ridiculous that even though she showed up at a Apple store for a scheduled appointment with the paper work stating she was the owner and still making payments on the phone that it took that long to reset it for them. There should be some other way that Apple could implement to help its customers.

I have never owned a iPhone for personal use. I have had a ipad and forgot my info but thankfully after trial and error got it back.

Thank you for your help and i know his is writing all his new icloud info down and puting it in a safe spot.


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I am assuming you are asking the question because you don't know the password to the iCloud account. Normally, if you can prove ownership to Apple, they will help you reset the Activation Lock (iCloud Lock). There's is no other way to remove this lock either via hardware or software. Have you gone to an Apple Store or has this been done via the phone?

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you could simply go to the apple sign in page,

then select forgot password, and request a reset with the security questions if they forgot the password. couldnt they?


He didn't even remember his questions. After I replaced the screen was the first time it had ever been synced with itunes. Just a highschool kid with a cool phone


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