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1980 cb650custom choke engine mount melted

Is there a metal piece that can be replace instead of the plastic part? where the choke cable mounts to the engine block there is a plastic connector. Which has melted away. Now the chock won't engage. I order to replace I have to take apart the a lot of parts and don't want to do it again down the road. I'm up for alternative methods to fixing this. Currently the rest of the bike is still stock for a 1980 Honda cb650 custome, made for Italy. I'm in Okinawa Japan and hopefully I can find a shop to help me with this old beast.

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Hi Catherine, from what I can see. The choke cable knob is mounted up near the instruments on the handlebars, or at least it should be. Then it runs from there down under the tank and connects to the choke actuator. The only thing I can think of that has melted would be the plastic outer cable, and this would cause a bit of mischief.

My suggestion would be to remove the tank and trace the cable and see where it runs and how it is attached. Then get yourself another cable, plenty on ebay. And mount it up on the handle bars near the instruments where all the others are and attach it to the frame via a stainless steel zip tie. They usually only run through a metal 'push tag'. Get some shrink tubing put that over the zip tie shrink it, to protect the cable from chaffing then attach. That should cure your problem.

Take a look at the video below, it will show you what I mean, also mind the language :)

Different bike same story

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Commenti: in this image, it's the black piece that's melted. This is where the cable mounts to the engine.


Catherine, do you have a picture from your own bike. Because when I click your link, it shows a page with a whole load of bikes.


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