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This is an older equipment line from Saeco. All are labeled Sup 018. (Badge on the bottom). They were later sold under the name Spidem Trevi

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Starts to brew, dispenses abt 2oz liquid, stops, red lights comes on

My SAeco has been cleaned to the best of my ability, having taken apart the brew unit. Still it only dispenses about 2 oz of coffee, no matter the setting, and then stops, and red light comes on. Never brews more than that amount. Reset is , start over, same result.

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Hi this video might help you out or at least point you in the right direction.


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Thank you, but nope. None of that addressed my question.. Coffee maker seems to be going through all the functions properly, but no matter what setting I put it on, it still only dispenses about 2 oz of water, then stops, and the red error light goes on. No help directly from Saeco, and to have it repaired I would have to ship it out of state, pay for the repairs, plus shipping to and from...Way too costly, even for a $500 machine.. Very disappointed with Saeco. Second problem I have had with it. First time it was still under warranty. This time not. I've tried everything. Guess I ll have to stick with my trusty backup...a Keurig.


OK have you run it through a descale programme yet? You can either get the correct 'cap' and run your descaling tablet, or use a bit of baking soda it does the same job, but messier. You could also try running straight white vinegar in the water reservoir. Then set it to the preheat cycle and the vinegar will dissolve any scale present. I'd try the descale tablet first though. That would be one of the only reasons for it not dispensing enough water. Either to much scale, or literally caked with crud. Have you had your head unit out to clean the coffee grounds out of it?


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