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Annunciato nel marzo 2015 e lanciato il 10 aprile 2015, il Galaxy S6 era a quel tempo il top della gamma Galaxy. La versione con schermo curvo è nota come Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Boot looping Issue

A customer brought in a Galaxy S6 that is boot looping. So the questions began.

1. Has it been dropped recently, (or at least just before the issues began)? (Yes.)

2. Has it been getting hot? (Yes.)

3. What has it been doing? (Acting weird! Like it will shut off, then come back on, then work a few minutes, then shut off..... And the battery drains really fast, and then say's it's all charged in just a couple minutes....)

I suspect the PMIC. What do you think?

Charging @ 1.27A at 5.00V (hot to the touch around PMIC)

Thanks for your response. I appreciate the help.

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I suspect a defective battery, try replacing htat first.

PMIC, too much hassle to start with without trying another battery.

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I have ordered both. I'll try the battery first, then if all else fails, PMIC. Thanks Ben


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