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Found an extra piece of metal re-assembling iPhone 6

So while I'm putting my iPhone 6 back together, I found this small piece of metal wedged in the case gasket adhesive. It was preventing the case from closing properly. I removed it, and the case went back together just fine. It wasn't attached to anything ... just sitting loose in the adhesive. But it sure left me wondering, if anyone knows (or even has a guess) ...

  • Where did this come from, and is it important?

Has anyone seen this before?

(For scale, the blue tab in the picture is the leftover blue tab from the battery adhesive strip--probably about a half-inch or less)

Block Image

Block Image

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This question was migrated from


@allisonfamily - Can you verify the images here are correct.


No they were wrong, but they're fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out! (BTW, they were right when I posted the question, but I guess they got changed when the question was Suspended.)


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That's a pretty tiny part and it doesn't look like anything "replaceable". I suspect this is something that broke when you disassembled the phone, probably in the Lightning Flex area. I would fully test the device before securing the new adhesive (cameras, sensors, touch etc.) and if everything works fine, then your good to go.

Perhaps someone else will recognize this part...

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Yes it is very tiny. I did test the phone and everything seems to be working fine. So in that sense I'm happy. :-}

Still I'm very curious and hope someone might recognize it. Thanks Minho!


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