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The Asus X551M-RLN03 is part of the Asus X-series. It is a 15.6 in notebook that runs on Windows 8 with an Intel Core Processor.

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Why my laptop's some Keys dont work?

I have issues with Laptop that some of its keys are not working like others. I have to keep lots of pressure on key to write or have to use on screen keyboard. I have replaced my key board also but its not solved the issue.

Please help.

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Check to make sure you have the proper keyboard selected in windows

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It’s possible Fluid got in. A short occurred.

Update (06/28/2020)

May be liquid damage or normally when some keys won’t operate you can detect their positions to see if maybe they are just bad broken by wear, repeated force, etc.,.liquid!Some keys may be extracted and replaced in spring or defect issues. Keyboards are not so difficult to remove and replace. A ‘how to remove keyboard from [name of pc/laptop] will help. They can cost cheap.


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