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Repairs for cell phones designed by Asus.

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Why is my sim not responding?

My Zenfone 5 Sim 1 and 2 have no signal. How do i repair it?

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1st clean the sims

See if this works if not try next step

2nd clean the contacts in where the sim goes

See if this works if not try next step

3rd the contacts in the sim tray my need to be bent upwards verys slightly to make full contact I would try a tooth pick or a plastic pick. ***** WARNING this could damage your phone BE CAREFUL ****

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With your option #3 wouldn't it be safer to increase the thickness of the SIM card by placing a suitably sized piece of paper on the back of the SIM card so that the pressure on the SIM reader contacts is increased?


Then you risk bending the frame and crushing the pins in further. It is better in my mind to try and return something to the way it was designed. Light pressure and a steady hand can return this to the way it was new.



Fair enough.


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