BLU Life One X2 won't connect to WiFi network that everyone else can

I was hoping I could get some help. My phone has been having an issue with connecting to certain wifi networks. More specifically my school's networks. Only a few spots around the school are able to connect for me and even when connected the speed is almost unusable. I have never had this issue and used to have connection literally anywhere in the school. I'm not sure what the issue is. Sometimes I will see the network name listed, but trying to connect to it I get only 3 different messages: "saved", "connecting...", And "wifi connection error". I'm not sure what the issue is because no one else has this issue (both Android and IOS users). Same goes for the school's sister networks (ones for guest login and administration use) My best guess is that either my connection is dropped automatically for being poor, I've been blocked from connecting to it somehow, or that something is running interference with that specific wavelength (2.4 GHz). I could really use some ideas on what my issue is and how to solve it. It's eating away at my data and my school already has terrible 4g LTE reception as it is. Would anything like using a proxy when connecting or a VPN prevent my connection from being dropped? Or should I invest in a new phone? Please help (thanks in advance)

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