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L'aggiornamento di Marzo 2015 della linea 13" dei Macbook Pro con Retina Display (modello A1502) adotta processori Intel Core i5 ed i7 di quinta generazione, introduce inoltre il trackpad Force Touch.

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MacBook senses battery but doesn't run off or charge to the battery

I have an Early 2015 Retina MacBook Pro 13 inch. It had water damage. I have cleaned the logic board with an ultrasonic cleaner. Everything is working fine except the battery won't charge and the MacBook won't run off the battery. The MagSafe connector turns amber as expected if it were charging. The MacBook indicates a 91% charged battery and that it's charging but the 91% never changes and the it turns off immediately when the MagSafe connector is disconnected.

This MacBook Pro has the 820-4924A logic board. I have checked the current sensing resistors at R7151, R7152 and R7121, R7122 and they all check out at the proper resistance. (The 0 Ohm R7152 resistor measured as close to 0 ohms as I could test, the other three resistors were within 3%)

I don't see any visible corrosion anywhere.

What other locations should I be checking?

Edit: Thanks Dan for the CoconutBattery suggestion. Thanks Paul for your comment on the battery management logic board. The battery does have a small board that attached directly to the main logic board. I haven't cleaned that board since it's obviously attached to the battery and it's glued in. Here's the CoconutBattery screen shot:

Block Image

The battery was working fine before the water damage. Is it posible that water damaged the battery itself, or more likely the battery's own logic board? Do you think the main 820-4924A logic board is likely fine?

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Download this app: CoconutBattery and paste a snapshot of the main window so we can see what it's telling us.

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Does the battery on this model have a battery management logic board? If so, it could be water damage to the battery and the laptop is receiving faulty readings from the management system on the battery.


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you're supposed to replace the battery after water damage.

Sostituzione batteria nel MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display versione inizio 2015

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Thanks for the answer. I was hoping to avoid taking out glued perfectly good Li-ion cells. It doesn't appear that anybody repairs the battery's own board. I was hoping it would be easier to replace components on the battery board than to mess with the adhesive.


Electronics Water Damage

"Reassemble your device with a new battery or one that you are confident is in good working order. If your device has been submerged it is likely that you will need a new battery. Lithium and other types of rechargeable batteries do not tolerate submersion well. Again, any sign of bubbling, bulging, melting, or discoloration on the battery indicates that it is toast. Dispose of it only at a battery recycling facility."


Thanks Aiden. The battery does look perfect, it even seems that water may not have ever touched the cells themselves. It seems that the main issue is that when the battery's logic board get's wet with non-pure water, shorts happen that can damage the components and drain the cells too rapidly. Is that a fair statement?

I'm accepting your answer. Thanks again.


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