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Modello A1286. Lanciato nel febbraio 2011 / processori quad-core Intel Core i7 da 2,0, 2,2 o 2,3 GHz

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MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 stuck on white screen after apple logo

My MacBook boots up with the Apple logo just fine, but afterwards it just stays stuck on a white screen.

I've tried booting into recovery as well but instead of a white screen, I get a blue screen, and it just stays there.

I'm certain it's not a hard drive issue because I used multiple hard drives and got the same results and the hard drives I used work fine on other computers.

I've also tried booting into safe mode and resetting the VRAM and PRAM. I can't reset the SMC because there is no battery in the machine at the moment.

Other than the hard drives that I am testing, the only thing inside the computer is the RAM and logic board.

Is this a GPU issue? Logic Board? How would I be able to fix this?


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Are you able to get the system into Target Disk Mode? (you don't need to connect it)

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


I am able to boot into Target Disk Mode.


Hey Cameron, I’ve got the same model and the same problem could you explain to me how were you able to fix it?


Hi! So this is actually a GPU issue with the laptop. I was actually able to get the laptop to boot up with these instructions!

It's a long process but I am fairly confident that it will work for you if you follow step by step. This doesn't FIX the dead discrete GPU, but instead allows the machine to boot using integrated graphics only.


The link to the solution on doesn't work - can you repost the solution to this ? I have the exact problem....


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Yes, you do have a dedicated GPU issue!

But it's not likely a bad GPU! Your symptoms imply the tantalum capacitor in the GPU power rail has failed. This is repairable! Review this Vid: MacBook Pro GPU Fault: C9560 FYI this is a 2011 not a 2010 as he states in the vid.

Your test proves the CPU and the Intel graphics is working, nothing else here.

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Thank you so much!! Before I buy a new capacitor online, I want to make sure that that is indeed the culprit. How can I tell whether the capacitor is broken or the GPU itself?

EDIT: Also, I tried forcing the integrated graphics to run instead of the dedicated GPU. I was now able to boot into recovery and safe mode, but I still couldn't boot into the main OS.


Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith!

Look at it this way if the cap fails you're in for a much higher priced repair (replacing the logic board) ;-}


Good news! I was actually able to force the mac to use the integrated graphics instead of the dedicated GPU. The machine works like a charm now! Thanks for your help once again, Dan!


Well its still limping a bit ;-}

I would still try the cap that way you can gain the dedicated GPU back. If not pulling the driver (which is what I've done on a few) is the best you can hope for. Just don't push the heavy graphics.


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Hey I think I might have the exact same problem, when my computer first failed I took it into the Apple Store and thy said it was my hard drive. I replaced my hard drive with a ssd with no luck getting it started, I just replaced my hard drive cable and it boots up the same. I later tried plugging my old hard drive into a sata USB cable into a different computer just to see if the hard drive still worked and I could read and write files off of it so I am not completely sure that the drive is actually dead.

Could you forward me to a guide that explains/shows what you did?

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For me, it turns out that my GPU was at fault. I was able to program the machine to use integrated graphics only and it ran fine. :)


hi can you explain how you did that ?


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It would be a GPU issue. I would recommend checking out this link as it got my MBP working again.

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