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Guides and repair information for KitchenAid mixers.

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How adjust the beater in the kitchenaid k5-a?

I can't find the screw to make the adjustment in this old model, any clue??


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Hi @danieldesousa ,

What adjustment are you trying to make?

Do you wish to change the beater type e.g from the flat beater to the wire beater or the dough hook, or do you wish to adjust the speed of the beater.

Here is a link to the User Guide which may be of some help.

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Hi @jayeff , I need adjust the height of the beater, because its not touching the bowl anymore.

The new models has a easy screw to do this, bus this model I couldn't find



Hi @danieldesousa ,

Have you tried raising the bowl as described in the user guide, so that the beaters are further down into the bowl? See BOWL LIFT section


According to the manual, there is no screw. Rather, it says to use a rubber mallet to gently tap the arm up or down depending on which direction you need to adjust it. I did this myself recently on a K5SS, which is exactly the same as a K5-A but with a solid state speed control


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