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Rilasciato il 19 settembre 2014, è la versione con schermo più grande (5.5") dell'iPhone 6.

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2nd screen replace still wont sense touches on screen-cant unlock phon

so i cant swipe to turn it off and I cant input pin number to open the phone as it DOESNT SENSE THE TOUCHES FROM MY FINGER, like at all. Had the screen replaced once for ghosting. 6 months later it senses no touches at all. I replaced screen bought from IFIXIT and it worked for one pin insertion then stopped working again. Is there another component that senses the touches of the finger?

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This mostly happen in iPhone 6 plus.I think this is the common fault in iPhone 6 plus.First you have to restart the phone by pressing home and power switch.If the problem still same try to change other LCD. After

changing if the fault still same clean the touch connector.

Finally if you all doing and still same no dought that is the fault of Touch ic.

Rehot touch ic first -Mostly fault solved otherwise you have to change touch ic.

Update (02/16/2018)

Block Image

This two ic are stands for iPhone 6 plus touch ic.

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what is a touch ic?


how does a person rehot touch IC?



These two ic`s are the touch ic.


Reflowing touch IC is only a temporary solution the touch IC needs to be replaced.

Usually the meson main one needs to be replaced, sometimes cumulous as well.


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