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Why does my loudspeaker not work after lightning port replacement?

Hey guys, so I ordered a lightning port replacement as my phone was in dire need of a new one due to the charging being really dodgy. So just now after replacing it, putting it all back together, the phone powers on (hooray!). However I'm surprised by the fact that my loudspeaker does not work! It creates like a short static noise like when you turn a speaker on. Can anyone point me in the direction of an answer please? Thanks :)


The loudspeaker had been working perfectly before the lightning connector replacement. Also just went play a video on facebook and the whole phone restarted!


My earpiece speaker by the frontfacing camera no longer works either! Completely confused

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I had the same problem, after lots of trouble shooting i discovered the pins on the lightning port connector that connects to the logic board were flattened and bent on one end.


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Thanks for your comment mate, I managed to solve my issue. I luckily held onto my old speaker (only replaced as it sounded a bit distorted) and cleaned the contacts on the board and the speaker with alcohol and then put it back together and it works like a charm!

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Hey. First of all check the old charing port if it got dust and dirt in the charing port. A needle usually works fine.

Test a hard reset, turn it off. Hold power button and home button same time for about 20-60sec, when you see the Apple logo let go.

If that dosent help i would check so the speaker is set down good, the upper part of the media speaker maybe isent set down good.

I hope it helps

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