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Why is my printer printing blank pages?

I have a HP All in One Premium Fax wireless Printer C410 Series. All of the cartridges are new. I replaced them when the black photo and black cartridges stopped printing. The color cartridges printed. Now, I'm getting blank pages! I reinstalled printer software, too. The documents queue to print but print blank. I'm also getting an "align printer failed" prompt when I select align printer. When I select clean printhead the page prints with the color cartridges but not the black ones. I have cleaned the printhead and still nothing. Is it time to just junk it and buy a new printer?

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This is a very frustrating issue, you can face this error when your printer cartridge is empty and Disconnected and Incorrect paper size, Clogged nozzles. Firstly you should check the estimated ink level.

enter the white pain pages.

touch the button next to setup icon in the left corner of control panel.

Select tool and OK.

Touch the right arrow and select estimated ink level.

All your ink level is perfect then you do not need to replace but ink level is very level is very low then you should replace the ink. you should find the one by one reason of this error and after that you can fix this Printer printing blank pages.

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