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Repair guides and disassembly information for Lenovo's thin and light ThinkPad X1 Carbon business laptops.

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Laptop no longer boots, USB short

Okay so I made a mistake that I regret.

I was replacing an iPhone part and plugged the device into the laptop via USB to check if it would boot.

It seems this has done something to the laptop and it no longer boots. This seems like a professional job but is this fixable at all?

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Hi @jamesb93, you mentioned on replacing the iphone part, and what is it?

and the laptop, is the system able to power up, but no display? had you removed the batteries from the laptop and tested powering on with just the power adapter?


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Is the laptop totally dead (can you see the splash screen on booting? Does the `charge' lamp light up when it's on AC?) Possibilities I can think of include:

--- temporary blowing of a soft fuse becuase of overcurrent drawn from the USB port

--- Damage to the power supply

I'd try removing the battery and AC, and leaving it for 24 hours, then trying again as a first step, in case it is just a self-healing fuse. If that doesn't work, you're going to have to pull it apart and look for damage on the mother board -- which is a bit of a pain on most laptops, they're not really designed for serviceability.

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